The Brazilian Association for Research in Science Education (ABRAPEC) was founded on November 29, 1997 as a civil society, a scientific and educational, non-profit and non-partisan-political affiliation. The ABRAPEC aims to promote, disseminate and socialize the research in Science Education, through the holding of meetings of researchers and of  schools for young Science Education researchers, the publication of newsletters, proceedings and journals, as well as act as a representative body of the community of researchers in Science Education at the national and international professional organizations for education, research and foment.

Discussions concerning the creation of the Association were initiated in ENPEC I (National Meeting of Research in Science Teaching) conducted in Águas de Lindóia, Sao Paulo in November 1997 and its creation materialized in ENPEC II, held in Valinhos, São Paulo in September 1999. In order to achieve its objectives, ABRAPEC hold nationwide meetings on the subject of research in Science Education (ENPECs) and, among other activities, publish the “Brazilian Journal of Research in Science Education-RBPEC”.

The Association has about 1000 members, and 106 of these are founding associates. We also emphasize that the association ABRAPEC is open to all persons interested in research in Science Education, including foreigners, without distinction between research teachers of basic education (primary and secondary) and higher education or between teachers and students.

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